Focus on the UK Scene with Thrill Mag: Part 2 — London

Photos by Robyn Coggans

Photo by Robyn Coggans

The wind and the cold called an early end to the day for us, after we escaped the crowds of Hyde Park we were left feeling that there was so much more to offer from the London scene than what we had experienced, so we planned a return visit in the New Year.

Upon our return, we managed to get lucky with the weather once again as it was a positively summery 7°C outside and the sun made a brief appearance as we arrived a little bit later than we had planned due to a lack of toilets in Stratford train station and a poor choice of takeaway the night before. After a ten minute walk from the tube station we arrived at the secret slide hill tucked away in the heart of a middle-class neighbourhood in Southwest London, the vistas from the top offered us a great perspective of a drab and hazy Greater London. The session was clearly well underway before we started taking photographs as one of the first things we saw as we turned the corner at the bottom of the slide hill was young-gun Zac O’brein Manley scream past us whilst steezing out a stalefish speed check. The road surface was incredibly greasy and littered with dry patches so any kind of high speed sliding on this hill required some forward planning and a lot of balls.

Photos by Martin Kimbell

Photos by Martin Kimbell

Thursday September 12th, 2013
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