Poland stepping it up with Alternative Longboards

Poland: Established in 2012 Alternative Longboards is looking at making it’s mark on the Polish, European and International scene.


See their whole lineup at www.loadsofdeck.com

3D modelling, CNC routing, Hot Pressure Laminate, V-Lam, Composite, they’ve used all of the technology they have at their disposal to bring you their 2013 collection. Great to see East Central Europe stepping it up.


Some of the technologies feature on alternative Longboards Decks

Their first collection consist of 5 decks- 3 dropped (Junko, Thunderbird & Chauma) a brick(Bunting) and a pintail (Seagull) all with a beeswax finish and adorned by the artwork of Mateusz Kolek

More info at alternativelongboards.com (In Polish)

View the 2013 collection on www.loadsofdecks.com

Wednesday August 21st, 2013
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