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Brakeboard – Disc Brakes For Longboard Skateboards now on kickstarter | Longboardism

Brakeboard – Disc Brakes For Longboard Skateboards now on kickstarter

We’ve featured the Brakeboard a few time already form it’s early prototype to it’s commercial realisation. Now inventor Benjamin Newman wants to push his product even further with the help of Kickstarter.

It’s a new chapter for the Brakeboard as the compnay hope to raise fund to push their product even further. The new funding will help achieve the following goals:

  • A removable brake pedal. A pedal design that can be easlity removed with one nut. Leaving a relatively flat surface to place your foot. This is so if they rider would like to use his/her board for freestyle riding. And when hitting the hills, easily re-attached. (The new pedal design will retro-fit the current brake sets.)
  • A range of drum sizes. From 65mm or the way up to 110mm. The current range are designed for wheels 65-75mm. The various sizes will retro-fit the brake components and standard wheels. This has been prototyped and tested.
  • Super-high speed lining range. For the elite riders who ride in excess of 50mph. We hope to investigate a range of materials, particularly carbon ceramics as used in motor-sport. (These will be able to retro-fit existing brakes.)

Check out all the different funding options  on their capmaign page at www.kickstarter.com


Monday August 19th, 2013
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