2013 IGSA Snake Skeleton Downhill Cancelled | We need your voice to bring it back!

UPDATE: Snake Skeleton is officially cancelled – Read more on the IGSA


Potrero de Los Funes, San Luis – Argentina: [As of this moment, The IGSA Snake Skeleton Downhill 2013 has been cancelled as the authorities banned the activity of our sport in the province.

We talked with the organizers of the Snake Skeleton in order to help them change this ban. For this we need the help of ALL skaters from around the world so that we can raise awareness of responsible with this message.
We ask everyone to copy the text below:

Señor Secretario, yo soy un practicante del Longboard Skate y la etapa Argentina de la gira mundial que se celebrará en Potrero de Los Funes es para lo deporte muy importante en el mundo.

Hacemos un llamado a que reconsidere su posición y cree que ofrece una licencia especial para la competición del SNAKE SKELETON.
Es nuestro llamado respetuoso.

And [send it ] as a message on the website of the Argentinian Department of Sports responsible for license.


We believe it is the most effective thing we can do.

Pulse Project


Wednesday August 28th, 2013
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