The Whistler Road Trip | Caliber Truck & Arbor Skateboard

On their way to Whistler:  The Caliber and Arbor crew each give you their perspective in two separate videos on their road trip to the 2013 Whistler Longboard Festival. The double bill is a new way of doing things since Caliber Truck Co. founder and president Brandon Stewart joined Arbor Skateboards. Expect similar media blast in the future.

For Caliber: Peter Eubank Alicia Fillback Aaron Grulich Nick Ronzanni Dave Tanacci Tyler Howell Brandon Tissen

For Arbor: Duke Degen, Casey Morrow, Brandon Tissen, Max Myers, Aaron Grulich, Tyler Howell, Eric Singer, Cory Hirschman, and Zion

Monday July 29th, 2013