Wallonhill longboard festival 2013 – Houyet’s official edit

Houyet Belgium: Wallonhill is a Belgian Tour event organized by the Blutcher longboard Club. Our main drive behind this project is the promotion and development of the Belgian longboard scene, but we also want to give you the opportunity to shred the best Belgian spots (Namur, Houyet, Luxemburg) on closed tracks.

The first edition of WALLONHILL SUPERLUXE 2013 / Goesdorf – Luxembourg 13/14 July 2013

Goesdorf, Luxembourg: The next leg of the tour will be the Wallonhill Superluxe. Perfect road, new asphalt, 5 great spins. Beginners will get a unique opportunity to discover the world of freeriding and racing while the pro’s will appreciate the diversity of the tracks. For expert and beginners (if you can do the Wallonhill Houyet, you able to do Luxembourg without problems)

Get more info at www.wallonhill.com

Wednesday July 3rd, 2013
Community Event