Summer is here, time to learn some tricks

Schools out for summer and the long  days are the perfect time to add some new tricks to your arsenal. From beginners to more advanced, here’s your summer tricks curriculum with video tutorials starting with two freshly uploaded videos from loaded.

360 Slide Shovit and Backside No-Comply 360 Slide Shovit with Camilo Cespedes

Loaded’s Colombian ambassador Camilo Cespedes teaches you how to do the 360 Slide Shovit (above) and a more elaborate “Sham Wowwwwww”…a.k.a the Backside No-Comply 360 Slide Shovit (below)

Some basic to more advanced tricks

Whether you just hoped on a board for the first time or have been at it for a while you should be able to find a trick that suits you out of this list from our archive

Way more tricks and helpful tips in our Tips+Tricks section

Friday July 19th, 2013
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