Mystery review: Deville Scorpion deck and Deville Drifter Wheels

The Deville Scorpion “unbranded” and the deville drifter wheel pre and post unbranding

The Deville Scorpion “unbranded” and the deville drifter wheel pre and post unbranding

There are plenty of reviews out there and a lot do a real good job of it (check the review category). So when a Deville Scorpion deck and a set of Drifter wheels showed up we thought we’d try something different.

We removed all branding from product and sent them out on the street for local riders to extensively checkout. We wanted to get an unbiased opinion and we thought not knowing what brand was being reviewed was the best way at it.

Below is Andrew Flanagan’s quick uncut and uncensored opinion. While it may not be a full on review it is the opinion of someone who’s been using the gear thoroughly before sharing . And remember, until doing his writeup, Andrew had no clue what he was riding.

The Deville Scorpion

Screengrab specs form

Screengrab specs form

This board is a top mount that is 36” long it is perfect for free riding and some light downhill. I love the concave that it has as it suits my riding style. The  kick tail that it has in the back is very mellow but sensitive and fun to use. I rode this board for a month and a half my setup was aera k3s with cult isms. I got bite on this board the slightest bit but I never did when I was riding. What I loved most about the board was not knowing what it was at first this let me actually test to see what it was comparable to. At first I thought it could be a sector 9 but there was nothing on there page that had the same wheel base or small kick.


The Deville Drifters


I really liked the deville drifters that I got, they are very fast and grip when you need them to. I probably hit around 50 on them when they where setup on my amazon. I also skated garages with the wheels and they where really nice and smooth and i was passing everyone. If I cod change something about the board I would put in deeper wheel wells so as I could make sure not to get bit and I could ride bigger wheels on the board I would also allow for more wheel base options as they are very limited and small. For a company I knew nothing about I loved the board and I would definitely buy one.

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Friday July 5th, 2013
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