Loaded Tesseract Teaser (OFFICIAL) | Loaded Boards

Embrace the fourth dimension with this teser from loaded of their upcoming Tesseract which wil be available Worldwide July 23, 2013.


The Tesseract features:

  • Symmetrical rocker for locked-in slides
  •  Pronounced wheel well flares for increased wheel clearance and ergonomics
  • Wide and tall W concave mellows out near the trucks for strong lateral support in slides and tucking comfort
  • Symmetrical shape and contours for maximum versatility
  • Wide kicktails with subtle dished concave for enhanced control
  • Multiple wheelbase options for fine tuning based on riding style and truck geometry
  • Dual vertically-laminated bamboo core sandwiched between custom fiberglass/epoxy skins for a thin, stiff, and lightweight ride with massive pop
  • Cork bottom layer for vibration damping and abrasion resistance

Riders: Cindy Zhou, Dane Webber, Camilo Cespedes, Ethan Cochard
Film/Edit: Adam Stokowski


Wednesday June 26th, 2013
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