Kody Noble leaves the Arbor Collective for Riviera Skateboards

Riviera Skateboards welcomes Kody Noble to their ‘Specialists’ initiative. After many fruitful years at Arbor, Noble will bring his hybrid style to Riviera and is already developing 3 boards that will be available soon.

“I’m stoked to be joining Riviera skateboards!
Riviera is a crew of people that love skating and surfing and making a rad product to enjoy life with.
I could not be happier to work with such good people.
Thanks crew!!!” ~ Kody Noble

All of us here at Riviera Skateboards are proud to announce the addition of Kody Noble to the Riviera ‘Specialists’ initiative. Kody has remained a fixture in the downhill skate community for years and is also recognized for his abilities to skate anything and everything. His style and approach to skating whatever is in front of him fits right in with our brand and we’ll be doing our best to support his career and any adventures he can dream up. It’s been hard to keep quiet about his involvement with us because of how much fun it’s been for us to work with him. He’s been in the design, develop and destroy mode for some time now and has created some really unique, fun and functional boards that he thinks will fit into your quiver nicely. This video should give you a good idea of what makes Kody such a special skateboarder! Thanks for choosing Riviera Skateboards Kody, we’re pleased to have you as part of our FAMILY!



Monday June 17th, 2013