Kevin Reimer wins Newton’s Nation 2013 Open Skateboard Final


Bathurst, Australia: The International Downhill Federation maiden event just wrapped up with Kevin Reimer taking first place in the Open Downhill division.  The Juniors saw Connor Ferguson crowned champion and Marisa Nuñez took it home for the ladies. The Street luge was won by Graham Brittain and Cédric Robert took the Classic Luge division.

The smooth running of the event saw it wrapping up an hour ahead of the original forecasted schedule. So ahead of time that even the announcers got caught off guard when the open  final was under way.

The Results:

Open division:

  1. Kevin Reimer
  2. Micah Green
  3. Douglas Dalua Silva
  4. Adam Persson


  1. Connor Ferguson
  2. Liam Bemrose
  3. Caspian Baska
  4. Jordan Riachi


  1. Marisa Nuñez
  2. Maga Mcwhinnie

Street Luge:

  1. Graham Brittain
  2. Cédric Robert
  3. Brendan Burke
  4. Abdil Mahdzan

Classic Luge:

  1. Cédric Robert
  2. Adam Yates
  3. Abdil Mahdzan
  4. Michael English

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Sunday May 5th, 2013
Downhill Race