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The online skate community of Comet Skateboards’ Design Forum enters into the final days of deciding the shape of the new freeride prototype to be built by Comet.

The Design Forum community has agreed on the following specs thus far:

  • symmetrical
  • top mount
  • 8-ply
  • kicktails 4.5″
  • square tail and nose
  • width of 9.8″
  • wheelbase of 26″
  • length of 39″

This week, the community is giving final input and voting on features like W-concave, micro drop, rocker, etc.  Visit comets kateboards to cast your vote.  The online forum is open to the public and made possible in part by the commitment of test pilots.  Test Pilot registration can be found both at Comet and Muir Skate. “For this design process, Test Pilots are acting like the Comet team,” Comet President Jason Salfi explains.  “When we design our new skateboards, we send prototypes out to the Comet team for feedback and then tweak the designs based on their feedback.  This is what we’re inviting you to do.”

After a critical mass design on Sunday 5/19, Comet will begin translating the specs into CNC code to produce a limited number of prototypes for registered test pilots.  Test pilots will also receive a survey for giving feedback on the prototypes and will be the first to receive the finalize release with the community-chosen graphic later this summer.

While prototype production gets underway, Comet will launch a new forum discussion for the skateboard graphic.  Artists of all ages are encouraged to contribute their graphics ideas to this discussion.  The Design Forum was built to allow all participants to upload and cast votes on all graphics.  “In 2009, we built a graphics contest platform on our site to complement the Silverfish thread that created the shape of the FSM,” recounts Comet’s Communication Director Bob Rossi. “This year we’ve bundled the two elements into one forum, and we welcome feedback through the forum to help us continue improving that experience.”

Comet Skateboards has a history of channeling the collective wisdom of the community starting back in the 1990s with their downhill skateboard production driven by feedback from skaters.  Comet has now built the Design Forum as an online platform where you can share your ideas, discuss design options, post sketches, and vote on everything.  Comet invites you to visit the Design Forum and play an active role in the evolution of skateboarding.

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Thursday May 16th, 2013
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