Maple XO host Vulture Couture 2013 – a statement against skateboard plagiarism.

Video by Mikee Shattuck & Scott Oseth (

In response to Santa Cruz’s art being allegedly plagiarized by Jeremy Scott, recycled skateboard jewelry maker Maple XO hosted their own show to pat tribute to the influence of skateboarding in fashion.


The Vulture Couture Fashion Show and installations pointed a middle finger to the copycats, fakers, and takers of the skateboard subculture by literally bringing the spotlight back to the original source of its influence in fashion, skateboarding.


“Inspiration is great. Plagiarism is just wrong. Artists and creators deserve credit for the ideas they bring into this world. Shameless rip offs of their work should be shunned,”– Lindsay Holmes , Maple XO

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Monday March 25th, 2013