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Teutônia – RS and São Paulo – SP , Brasil: This video is a tribute to friendship …

Tribute to brave people, persistent, the nonconformists, the determined, the precise, the thrilled and also to the timid … The radicals, the gnarly ones, those with blood in his eyes, to insurmountable, in other words, those who can only reveal so much emotion because they let their bodies to go. They work on the center of gravity as if his heart were a joystick.

We do not refer to this or that person, we are talking about feelings that are within each of us.

Thanks to all who supported this project because all were imbued with the same emotions at the hill, especially the uncertainty, the butterflies in stomach, the adrenaline and gratitude go home after a hard work journey, knowing that the mission was accomplished.

Enjoy! This video is a tribute to each of you and, please, forgive our Brazilian accent! lol

If you are in Latin America, we have a meeting scheduled from 15/02, at the Space Channel.
Stay Tuned!

Friday February 8th, 2013
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