Alex Tongue Signature Model Deck from Stalk It Longboards

“Stalk It Longboards bring in the Alex Tongue’s Signature deck with style! Ready for the ultimate racing/freeride experience, this board is a directional topmount with some of the sweetest concave and curves out there! Compact, stiff (carbon fiber… yeah buddy!), and stable, it also has the one of the best wheelbase options out there. Alex’s board is perfect for freeriding and downhilling, but can handle anything you can throw at it. You’ll be as comfortable riding this board as you are in Crocs, but at least this is cool… The concave will hold your back foot in a pocket just perfectly on this deck, reassuring you all the way and ditching the need for mom to hold your hand.


This beast is hands down one of the best boards out there in it’s class… or hands up…. we don’t know your slide preference, dude.” – Daddies Board Shop


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Friday February 1st, 2013
Deck Manufacturer