NEW Longlasting,Weatherproof Metal Griptape | Silvagrip


According to the manufacturer, Silvagrip offers revolutionary, patent pending, extreme grip made of metal alloys, tungsten carbides, ceramics and titanium.

it is a surface engineered grip that offers:

  • 10 plus years expected life
  • UV proof
  • Waterproof
  • Oil and Chemical resistant
  • Corrosion proof
  • Can be Cleaned by Scrubbing and/or Pressure Washing
  • Resistant to Wear
  • Variable Surface Textures and Profiles
  • Apply and Use at all Temperatures


Silvagrip is fabricated with sophisticated technical alloys. These metals hold a matrix of sharp abrasives, including Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics with a hardness just under diamonds. Silvagrip is very ductile and capable of being shaped or bent, but at the same time giving you the strongest and hardest wear surface.


left: Micrograph picture – Right: The grip wrapped around the rail of a deck

It is said to be stronger than conventional griptape because it’s made different.  The changes in its structure allow the grip to not only grip better, but last longer.

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Monday January 7th, 2013