Padova Grand Prix | Kelly wins his first ever IGSA WC race

Teolo, Italy: Jame Kelly wins his first ever IGSA WC race at the Pandova Grand prix. Kelly has been showing great form recently and it  finally paid off in Italy. Onterrible’s Luke Melo also made his first appearance on a WC podium by taking second while Brazilian Douglas Dalua took third.

IGSA World Cup title still up for grabs

Five races and halfway through the season, the series has no clear point leader with no repeat wins by anyone. In Australia, Alex Tongue took his first win at the season opener  the Mt. Keira Challenge ; followed by Mischo Erban at Newtons Nation.  2011 overall point leader Patrick Switzer then took his first win at the 3rd stop the Maryhill Festival of speed. The biggest surprise so far has been Swiss Kevin Bouaich, also his first IGSA WC win,  coming first at Kozakov Challenge in the Czech Republic.

Unlike last year , where PSwiss pretty much had in the bag halfway through the season with an impressive series of back to back wins, 2012 will be a nail biter right to the end.  2009-2010 champion Kevin Reimer, who has been out of action for most of 2011 due to an ankle injury, may also have his word to say. Also, with so many first time winner, who knows who could be next.

Country leaders: Not that it counts but After 5 races, Canada and USA are even with 2 wins each and Switzerland has 1.


IGSA Race Report: Padova Grand Prix.

Sunday August 5th, 2012
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