Cathlamet Downhill Corral Corral 2012 | Early and raw

Cathlamet, WA: When was the last time you saw Paul Kent, Carmen Shafer, Alicia Fillback, P-Swiss and Max Myers in the same video? Early and Raw footage from the Cathlamet downhill Corral 2012.


Slide Jam:

  1. Dan Couch
  2. Ross Druckrey
  3. Tyler Howell


  1. Will Royce (Bustin)
  2. Brian “Chubbs” Cortright
  3. Jesse Breiman (Comet)

Open DH:

  1. Kyle Martin (Landyachtz)
  2. Dillon Stephens (Landyachtz)
  3. Micah Greene (Sector 9)


Tuesday August 28th, 2012