Demon’s latest release, The VEST X D3O

The Demon Vest X D3O is ultra lightweight and breathable making it a good option fo the downhill circuit where leathers can get stinking hot.“This is the sickest piece of protective gear we’ve released so far,” says Co-founder Brent Davidson. This vest utilizes the D3O Viper Stealth spine protection technology (soft and flexible but stiffens on impact). This is a level two spine guard which allows for a lot of mobility. In addition, Demon has incorporated the removable, adjustable kidney/lower back belt in order to keep your insides from becoming vulnerable. The beaded silicone bands on the inside of the belt keeps the vest from riding up. The Vest X also includes flexible side rib protection. It’s low profile mean it wears almost undetected under your shirt or leathers.

Wednesday July 11th, 2012