Mischo Erban breaks Guinness World skateboard speed record – Again

Mount Éboulement, QC:  Mischo Erban sets the Guinness World Record for fastest skateboard speed at 129.94 km/h (80.74mph) held until them by Douglas Dalua. Though he’s gone faster before ( 80.83 mph/130.08 kph – see bottom of page for video) , that previous attempt was only recognized by the IGSA and to the Guinness World Record.

The record was capture with camera-equipped Recon.


The prototype HUD used for the record was custom built by Recon Instruments and features an innovative gooseneck design giving Erban maximum flexibility to set the display in the most unobtrusive, optimum position, just above or below his eye line. Like Recon’s award winning HUD for alpine goggles, this custom display is also modular, allowing him the ability to use the HUD within either of his aero helmets during the attempt, as it features a clip that slots around the foam supports on the interior of his helmets.

More info at www.reconinstruments.com

Via Endgadget.com


Mischo’s fastest run at 80.83 mph/130.08 kph back in 2010

Friday June 22nd, 2012
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