Rayne’s Latest top mount the NEW Vandal | Highlight video

From Rayne:

New to Rayne for 2012, the Vandal was inspired by some of our favorite NorCal riders and developed by our global team. Most top mounts are heavy weights with few locks and flat-cave’s. The Vandal is intended to be smart, simple, stiff and light weight. We combine minimalist design thinking with Rayne’s signature construction to offer unique 3D bends that build useful features into the board. The Vandal is here to incite more confidence and gnar shredding in all you top mount lovers out there.

The Three Dimensional Concave on this board works like this:

  1. Integrated Wheelwells: subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear open up the concave to naturally allow for more diverse wheel options, while allowing the rider to find their front foot without looking.
  2. Integrated Gas Pedals: extending from the Wheelwells in the rear, the pressed in curve creates a natural ridge to dig your foot into pushing out toeside drifts and slides and a valley to sink your foot into for heelside lock-in.

Rayne Vandal Deck

Specs: Length- 35.5″ | Width- 10″  | Wheel Base- 25.75″ / 26.5″ or 27.25″

Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet.
Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather.
Pre-tensioned fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Speed-stiff – Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
3D Wheelwells — Fight against nasty wheelbite and keep your feet in place.
3D Gas Pedals — Find your feet and leverage without looking down. Ideal for freeriding.
Deep Tub Concave — Designed to cup the toes and heels for quick, precise turns.
Universal Variable Top Mounting – Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.

Featuring Rayne Team Rider Tyler Peterson
Filmed / Edited Brock Newman


Thursday May 31st, 2012
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