Gnorquay | Early Morning Mountain Bombing

Alberta, Canada: Not too far from Calgary, lies a mountain run.

Ed, Note: Here is a bit of a trivia question. What do you think would happen if it the maneuver at the start of the video  took place during an IGSA race? Did the lead competitor move on the line of the passing competitor or did the passing competitor fail to avoid the lead competitor?

Leave your thoughts below.


IGSA Rule book

XIII. Racing Rules

     B.  PASSING: Overtaking competitors assume the responsibility of avoiding the lead competitor. However, during a pass, the lead competitor may not take defensive measures such as moving in on the line of the passing competitor to prevent them from taking the lead. Meanwhile, the overtaking competitor is responsible for COMPLETELY clearing the other competitor before moving into their line. A racer who violates the passing protocol will be penalized.

C. INTENTIONAL CONTACT: Some contact in close racing is natural. Racers who purposely spin, block, or cause another racer to crash will be penalized. Deliberate, aggressive contact is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Wednesday May 9th, 2012
Downhill Safety