Landyachtz East Coast University Longboard Tour 2012 | Episode 4 — Florida

Florida: The last leg of the campus tour takes the crew down through Florida. With the points challenge coming to an end Travis and Justen battle for the title.

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From Landyachtz: Tour Wrap-Up

14 years ago Landyachtz Longboards was founded on the campus of the University of Victoria, BC. A lot has changed since then but the motivation behind Landyachtz remains true; that longboarding is a fun, active and eco-friendly way to commute. Today the college scene is more important than ever in driving sales and pushing the sport into the limelight. Because of this Landyachtz has been touring the east coast in a rented RV with team riders Justen Ortiz, Katie Neilson, Travis Craig, Nick Breton and Guff.

Now that the campus tour is done our crew is finally home after five weeks of travelling over 4,000 miles from New York to Florida and back. In this final episode Justen, Katie, Travis and Guff work down into the southern tip of Florida to visit more campuses and skate sessions. Florida may be flat but their crews are stoked. This is definitely our best episode yet!

Monday April 30th, 2012
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