Landyachtz East Coast University Longboard Tour 2012 | Episode 2

Pennsylvania: Episode 2 of Landyachtz East Coast University tour. This time the guys get to sweet talk park rangers to closed down the road for them to have their very own private session.

From Nick Breton:

Here’s episode 2 of Landyachtz’s East Coast Campus Tour. This edition starts at Penn State and heads right to the DC slide jam. It was a wet one this year but that didn’t hinder attendance one bit. Rolling through with a huge crew in Virginia, the team capped it off with a closed mountain road in an undisclosed spot. A downhill skateboard’s dream come true, the rangers were willing to shut the whole place down which allowed us to skate fast and cut lanes. If everything goes well there may be a rad new east coast race in the future…

The trip has been a blast thus far with all of the sessions and shenanigans. In Maryland Nick’s trip was cut a bit short by a minor foot injure so for following episodes expect to see Eh Team rider Travis Craig filling in.


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Thursday April 5th, 2012
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