Keep it Holesom with those trademark holes

These pucks are  the creation of Holesom. They’ve been getting quite a bit of buzz lately with them appearing in videos all over the place. The fast Delrin formula glove appendages come in 3 flavours.

  • Glowsom: glow in the dark with the smell of Holesom
  • Bubblegum ( the most recognizable of the 3): neon pink with the smell of bubblegum
  • Cocoa Puck: team color brown with the smell of cocoa butter

Holesom Decks

If your first acquaintance with holesom are the pucks, you should probably know that the company  started with decks.The Street Sweeper was the original model but the handcrafted collection has since expanded to 4 including a mini called the Biscuit.

More info at or their facebook page


Friday April 13th, 2012
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