John Kreutter 2011 Fall/Winter Footage

Bowie, MD: Check out this OLD video of Landyactz,MuirSkate, and XS Energy team rider John Kreutter from fall/winter 2011. They never got around to posting it, so they decided why not post it now. Also check out their new collaborative youtube channel “YokeCrew”. The channel consists of Silly,Fun,and Crazy edits from a few riders up and down the east coast.

Kyle Reynolds (Lifelong)
Anthony Faccina (Lifelong)
Spencer Flaherty (Lifelong)
John Kreutter (Landyachtz,Muir,XS)
Jacob Roberts
Ed Garner
Dan Fontz
Chris O’Brien (Lifelong)

Check out their channel on Youtube

Monday April 9th, 2012
Downhill Grom