CW 2012 Longboarding Buyer’s Guide dropping soon and not everyone likes the cover

The Concrete Wave 2012 Longboarding Buyer’s Guide is dropping March 15 and the publication will come with 8 different covers including the one above.
In it you will find info about all of the big player’s latest releases but most importantly, well at least to us, you’ll also find the Reader’s choice award results. ( Thanks to all of those who voted for us)
CW cover draws criticism
As the sport is growing and the ladies are making their presence known, the choice of the cover photo ( the one above) is drawing some criticism.
Critics are saying that “there might be some harm in the ‘male gaze’ vibes the [cover] sets up, that could make women feel the magazine, and possibly the sport, isn’t for them (or that their place in it is that of a pin-up)” or that they are a “little annoyed [their] sport is doing the whole ricer/redneck drag strip bimbo thing. No class.”
As a female or male longboarder we’d love to hear your thoughts, leave your comment below.

Thursday March 1st, 2012
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