Board Builders: Roarockit introduces the ROCKIT RULER

From Roarockit:
The Roarockit Skateboard Company is excited to bring this brand new multi-tool to our community of board builders in both the US and Canada. Available NOW!
The Rockit Ruler (Truler for short) is an amazing way to layout, position and ensure the truck holes on your skate/longboard are perfectly square to each other.
The Rockit Ruler was created by our good friend Shaun Bunder, tested and developed by the talented builders at the Rockit Labs, and is now available online @

This versatile and user-friendly tool has multiple uses, and we’re discovering new ways to use it everyday!

  • Mark a true centerline on both uncut and pre-shaped boards with accurate ruler gauge
  • Align your truck holes perfectly square with each other over the full length of a board
  • 48″ straight edge
  • 3 Diamond shaped cutouts help you position ruler on centerline
  • ‘V’ shaped cutouts at both ends allow you to mark truck holes on drop decks
  • Properly spaced guides for marking your Old School Truck holes
  • Galvanized steel makes for a sturdy tool

We are very proud of this product and are making it available for the introductory price of $34.99

Visit to order, or for more info.

Monday March 5th, 2012
Deck Manufacturer