Push Culture News | February 2012 News Desk with some new deck release.

Check out the new Rayne Vandal, LY Wolfshark, Sector 9 Roxanne & Bustin Boombox on the first Push Culture News Desk episode of 2012! The new RAD wheels and Orangatang’s Balut are also on the show. As well as interviews with Louis Pilloni & Graham Buksa. It’s great to be back on the air for 2012.

The Rayne Vandal

A now and then ( back in proto day codenamed SharkShark) shot of the Rayne Vandal

Check out Rayne’s Les Robertson talking about the Vandal (Then prototype name SharkShark) and another proto, the Home wrecker, during longboardism’s trip to Bc last December in this exclusive video

Friday February 17th, 2012
Deck Manufacturer Weekly Top 5 Wheels