New Orangatang Balut Wheels


Words on the street is that Otang new Balut wheels will be 72.5mm and come in 86a and 80a duros. Neat to see them picking a Pinoy delicacy as name. If you don’t know what balut means, you’re in for a surprise
Wikipedia definition for Balut
MGR has been test riding these wheels for a while now and he’s got all you ned to know about the wheels on his site:
“I tested several prototypes during my stay in California , in Europe but also at home in Montreal. I can tell you that the idea behind this wheel is to reduce the excessive urethane, which can slow the slide, all to maximize glide and reduce distortion. This is a very fast wheel, which can sometimes be hard to get into slide for beginners, because the wheel does not deform as much as a Stimulus for example. Once launched, it glides very well and gradually.”
All the Tech specs and deets on MGR’s site

Friday January 6th, 2012
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