Airflow Skateboards 2012 lineup


Zürich, Switzerland: Have you had a look at the 2012 lineup from Airflow Skateboards? More precisely their new ‘Bracket’ deck. It may look like a street deck at first but this pretty thing is in fact designed for DH/Freeride
From Airflow:
The «Bracket» features the same unique concave like the «Fuse». Accurately defined bends let you know where your feet are – always! The short wheelbase makes for a very agile setup yet very stable, thanks to massive rocker.
The «Bracket» is a topmount deck with deep wheelwells: CNC’ed for extra precision, these wheelswells enable freedom of lean on wheels sizes up to 83 mm.
Length: 87.5 cm | Width: 25 cm | Wheelbase: 69 cm | Rocker: 23 mm | Platform: 67 cm | Material: Beech
More details and the complete 2012 lineup available at Airflow

Airflow Fuse
Airflow Fast & Furious
Monday January 30th, 2012
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