Seismic en España with some DH and freeride

Spain: Two videos from Seismic showcasing how to put their wheel t good use with some DH in Hoyo de Manzanares and freeriding in Mardrid.
Seismic Skate: Downhill on 76mm Hot Spots
Hoyo de Manzanares, Spain: The Seismic 76mm Hot Spots seize the day with Javier Tato on blue 80A, Jose Ozores on orange 77A, Rolando Calderon on purple 83A.

Urban Freeride on 75mm Landslides
Madrid, Spain: Javier Tato puts the Seismic 75mm Landslides through the paces.

Camera: Martin Georgiev, Joaquin Vigueras and Rolando Calderon | Editing: Javier Tato.
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Sunday December 25th, 2011