Arbor Skateboards: Get Elevated Tour Episode 2

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Days 2 and 3 are covered in this episode. The crew wakes up after their first day of travel and gets to the meat and potatoes of the trip, skateboarding. They hit several spots, and continue out of Mammoth east into the mountain ranges. Lack of foresight leads to no available camping spots in Yosemite, and they make camp in the dark outside of the park on an unknown dirt road. Waking up, they find their tents placed eerily close to piles of bear poop, and find out they camped out right on top of an amazing road. The day ends with picking blackberries and swimming in the cold river at the bottom.
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The Arbor team: Max Myers, James Kelly, Eric Singer, Kody Noble, Josh Hunt, Duke Degen, Jimmy Riha, Mike Alfuso and Michael Alfuso.

Friday November 4th, 2011