Win 1 of 2 Rayne longboards + Weekly Tshirt & Hats giveaway


Starting October 17, 2011, and for the duration fo 4 weeks, Rayne Longboards and have partnered up to offer Fans multiple chances to win one of two Rayne Longboards + extra swags.

The Final Prizes:

• One Rayne Killswitch Deck
• OneRayne Baby Killer Deck
(drop or top mounting, your choice)

+ 4 Weekly giveaways:

• A Rayne Bamboo T-shirt and a Pink Tap’n’Kiss Hat

How it works:

• You can each get up to 4 entries to win one of the final Prizes,
• Details on how to get a new entry will be posted each week on this page.
• Each week’s entry will also put you in the running to win that week giveaway (T-shirt+Hat).
If you enter all 4 weeks this mean 1 chance at each of the 4 weekly draws
and a total of 4 entries to win one of two Rayne Longboards.

Submitting your entires:

[email protected]

Place the week’s answer in the SUBJECT LINE of the EMAIL.



( one entry answer per email. For example ifyou want to enter Week 1 and Week2,
send them as separate email subject line)

How do you know if you found the right answer:

Well you’ll find an image that looks like this

Entry 1:

One Rayne Team Rider is known not just for incredible abilities on his deck, he’s also one hell of a trucker too. Find out how he kills time in between heats to find your first entry

(Hint: The Answer is at
(Enter by Monday Oct. 24 to also be eligible for the 1st weekly draw)

Entry 2:

Longboardism features the freshest news and best videos from the industry and regular riders too. There’s one specific feature in these videos that gets us stoked.
Find the answer on our facebook page Stoketoberfest tab
(Enter by Monday Oct. 31 to also be eligible for the 2nd weekly draw)

Entry 3:

Rayne created a special baby modelled after one killer board.
Check out the family photo of this special release to find your next entry.

(Enter by Monday Nov. 7to also be eligible for the 3rd weekly draw)

Entry 4:

We’re wrapping up StoketoberFest in style with Rayne team riders skating the beautiful mountains of switzerland.
Check out the awesome video to find your last entry.

(Enter by Monday Nov. 14th to also be eligible for the 4th weekly draw)

Each submission will get a confirmation email and winners will be contacted via email too.
So make sure you add [email protected]
to your safe list and check your junk mail.

Monday October 17th, 2011
Contest Downhill Freeride Manufacturer