Longboard Mini Mega Ramp

Warning: Video contains strong language

Venom bushing taking a jab at Original’s video. Does this mean war has been declared? Lots of drama ahead.
This video is the first production of newly formed website skeetSkeetBangBang.com
About the site:
The concept here is simple. Skeetskeetbangbang.com doesn’t have to have good stuff on it. It just has to have stuff on it. Anything that tickles our pickle will be posted up and loosely categorized for your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s something we’ve made, or just something we like, we don’t really care.
It also gives us an outlet to openly hype up shit that rules and/or clown on shit that’s blowing it.
From the video description:
Billy, Max, Zak, and the Venom crew get creative to keep themselves, and their longboarding, progressing. What started on the morning of August 22nd culminates in not just a ramp, but an extremely progressive new video to document the progression of freestyle longboarding.
This is the story of the longboard mega ramp.
Original’s response:
“I don’t care what you write about me, just make sure you spell the name right.
The only dick getting sucked here is that of the shortboard industry who owns Sector 9, AEND, and your asses, or at least your attitudes. Keep paying hommage and keeping selling out your own sport.
Skateboarding sucks, longboarding for life.”

Thursday September 8th, 2011
Freestyle Skateboard