SEBA Beton On Fire’ 2011 – Bombing a Bobsleigh Track

Altenberg, Germany: What could give you a bigger rush than bombing down a smooth hill? Beton On Fire: the time trial for longboard and inline that has for venue a Bobsleigh track.
The results:
In roller
⁃ Daniel Ladurner (Austria): 1 (minute 14/01/53)
⁃ Phillip Auerswald (Germany): 2nd (01/20/94 minutes)
⁃ Romain Guignet (Switzerland): 3rd (21/01/77 minutes)
longboard In (Departure junior)
⁃ Olpp Hartmut (Germany): first (1.00.4 minute)
⁃ Danny Strasser (Germany): 2nd (1.00.6 minute)
⁃ Benjamin Malherbe (South Africa): 3rd (1.00.8 minute)

Thursday July 14th, 2011
Downhill Weekly Top 5