X Games cancels women’s Skateboard Vert discipline. The IGSA should recruit them

ESPN’s X Games are cancelling women’s Skateboard Vert. Maybe these awesome ladies could potentially switch career path and opt for going fast downhill (maybe even sideways) instead. I’m sure the IGSA family would welcome them.
From ESPN:

ESPN has eliminated women’s vert skateboarding from the program at the X Games beginning July 28 in Los Angeles.
“We look for sports that have a solid year-round infrastructure, a growing participant base, an established annual competition schedule, rising youth talent pools, ample access to courses, low barriers of entry into the sport and myriad other factors,” a statement from ESPN X Games read. “After thoughtful discussions and evaluation of many of those factors, we have decided to discontinue the women’s skateboard vert competition from X Games 17.”
Women’s skateboarding debuted as an official X Games sport in 2003. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins competed every year, except for 2006 when she was injured.
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Wednesday June 1st, 2011
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