Abec11’s Chance Gaul – GRN TM Longboarding

Also check out the previous video of Chance and fellow GRN TM Grom riders Wyatt Gibbs & Roger Jones.
From Abec11:
Chance Gaul from Laguna Beach, CA is one of the top groms on the GRN TM … Surf, Skim, Skate, Snow you name it! He has huge potential. For 14 he’s one of the most talented and naturally stylish young guns making their way with ABEC 11. Chance rides ABEC 11 wheels, JET Skateboards, & BILTIN bearings and we are stoked to have him testing out more products coming down the pipe. www.Abec11.com www.JetSkateboards.com

Tuesday June 7th, 2011
Downhill Grom