2011 Danger Bay Edgemont Grind – The most entertaining finish to a race

From Rayne Longboards Channel:
The legend of Danger Bay isn’t just the weekend camping, the race, the slide comp, the beer or the leaf blowers, it’s also the Edgemont Grind. The Grind claims many a’ truck, wheel and deck, and is always hungry for flesh and bones. The hill-monsters that dare to enter compete over 6km of rolling hills, having to power-up and rip down as fast as they can with a huge splash landing for a finish. Rayne faithfuls were on hand to catch the flips and flops of the finishers and cheer on Rayne team rider Mischa Chandler as he takes the podium and the Rusty Sink Trophy summoned from the frigid depths of the Pacific by scuba safetyman Wes. (Thanks Wes!)
Mischa‘s bringing his Onterrible steez all over Canada this summer with Rayne, Longboard Living, the Escarpment Surfers, Moon Pucks and Abec11. Watch for more footage and more podiums!
Via Rayne

Wednesday June 8th, 2011