Mäbu – A solas (Montaje Web). Beautiful characters on longboard.

Tom Niion shared this awesome music video from the Spanish band Mäbu on longboardism’s facebook page facebook page. We though we’d share it with you too. Great melody with paper maché people on longboard
Credit Roll:
Direction / Assembly / Post: Alvaro Rodriguez León
Director of Photography: Nacho López Fuentes
Production Manager: Alberto López Garrido
Assistant Director: Adriana Hidalgo Turmero
Art direction: Beatriz Martínez López
Skate Cameraman: Juan Rayos
Additional Images: Sebastian Rocotovich
Makeup: Laura Pérez López
Lighting: Jauregui Guillermo Cano
Lighting: Medina
Production Assistants: Alberto López Molina, Barbara Gonzalez, Ana Fernández
Swimming: Swim Club Jiménez (Madrid)
A production for Warner Music Spain by Keloide.net 2011

Saturday May 14th, 2011
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