Surftrux- New patented skateboard trucks

From the inventor:

“Newly patented skate trucks allow for easy pumping even up gradual hills. Easy lean steering keeps your feet at a proper angle to the board so you can surf super tight turns without slipping off…..

….They are machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum with the best looking stainless steel bolts and screws available. The steering and maneuverabiliti on these trucks is so responsive that the wheels can be removed and replaced with mimi runners (which i’ve designed) for ice boarding or skating also making them as easy to maneuver on ice as on land.


These trucks have also been successfully miniaturized for a pair of roller skates and proven to make the most maneuverable skates available. All ball bearing construction makes for a percision ride. These trucks can take longboard wheels and have limiter screws to stop boardbite, as the wheels wear the screws can be adjusted for even tighter turns. All the features mentioned are patent protected claims and I am looking to license or sell the patent if someone is interested. Meanwhile I am considering manufacturing them myself depending on future response and developments. As you see on the video with practice these trucks can be used in skate parks. The video shows my eleven year old son using these trucks in a skate park for the first time although he did use it for a few months around our driveway and street.

Any inquiry should be made to: [email protected]

Thursday March 3rd, 2011
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